1.1. Any order, whether transmitted by e-mail or validated on our

    site www.artiligne-dance.pro (hereinafter called the Site) implies acceptance of the conditions

    general terms explained below.

    1.2. Product samples are sent for a fee and are not returned

    nor exchanged.

    1.3. The Artiligne catalog is not contractual. Changes to specifications

    technical or qualitative can intervene on these products without liability

    of COPHIL can be engaged. Any modifications made before signing the order will be binding on the customer.


    2.1. Our prices are specified in our annual price list, communicated or accessible at

    customer. This price is subject to change without notice and does not constitute a

    contractual commitment.

    2.2. All our prices are net, in Euros, excluding taxes, ex our warehouses.

    2.3. The conditions of the sale of goods will be set on the basis of

    our price list in effect on the day of the sale.


    3.1. All orders are subject to opening a customer account with our

    sales service or our site. For any first order, the customer will be asked

    to provide a Kbis extract and a RIB for verification and prior opening of the account

    customer, after validation by the sales department.

    3.2. Any order implies the unreserved acceptance by the customer of these conditions.

    terms and conditions.

    3.3. Each order will be processed individually: 1 order = 1 shipment. All

    addition to an order already registered will necessarily be the subject of a new one

    order and a new shipment.

    3.4. We accept orders by email. We decline all responsibility in the event of sending errors due to an incorrectly completed or incomplete email.

    The email will serve as proof of order between the customer and ourselves.

    3.5. No request to modify the address of the recipient by the customer will be

    accepted after entering the order in our system.

    3.6. The sale is formed by Cophil’s acceptance of the order. This acceptance

    may take the form of an order confirmation or shipment.

    3.7. For orders processed by drop shipping at the customer’s request, Cophil

    reserves the right to charge preparation and processing fees depending on the


    3.8. Any order will only be validated upon receipt of payment, except under specific conditions.



    Any order placed and validated will be processed and shipped within 1 business day.

    4.1. DELIVERIES TO FRANCE (excluding DOM)

    Indicative delivery times: departure from our warehouses + 2 working days.

    These deadlines are indicative and any delay cannot give rise to compensation or refusal.

    Any order placed at once on our site www.artiligne-dance.pro for an amount

    greater than or equal to 300 Euros excluding tax will be FREE OF PORT to Continental France (excluding DOM)

    Shipping packages:

    – Order amount less than €300 excluding VAT = €10 excluding VAT shipping costs.

    4.2. DOM-TOM DELIVERIES > Contact us.

    4.4. INTERNATIONAL DELIVERIES EU (Excluding Cyprus, Malta, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands)

    Any order placed at once on our site www.artiligne-dance.pro for an amount

    greater than or equal to 300 Euros excluding tax will be FREE OF PORT to Continental France (excluding DOM)

    Shipping packages:

    – Order amount less than €300 excluding tax = €16 excluding shipping costs.

    4.5. INTERNATIONAL DELIVERIES EXCEPT E.U. and Cyprus, Malta, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands > Contact us.

    4.6. Delivery times in France are given as

indicative. In the event of a delay greater than 30 days from receipt of the order, the customer will inform Cophil and the parties will agree together on the follow-up to be given to the order.

For other destinations, indicative delivery times will be taken into account.

knowledge of the customer by any means upon receipt of the order.


5.1. The goods travel at the risk of the recipient regardless of the

mode of transport. Since 01/10/07, all merchandise received must be checked in

presence of the carrier and in the event of damage, the transport receipt must

It is imperative to mention precisely and completely the information relating to

to the condition of the goods and the missing quantities: “Open package, torn tape: it

missing x pieces”.

If these precise reservations are not mentioned, no complaints will be accepted.

These reservations must also be made to the carrier responsible for their

delivery by LR+AR within 72 hours to exercise recourse against the

carrier under the conditions of article 133-3 of the Commercial Code.

5.2. Any goods delivered to a third party travel under the entire

responsibility of the buyer who must control or have quality controlled,

quantity, colors and sizes before any transformation (screen printing, embroidery,

transfer…) of this merchandise. No complaints will be accepted for more than 48 hours.

after receipt by the customer. Goods unloading operations

are the responsibility of the customer.

5.3. In the event of receipt of the goods without reservations made by registered letter

with acknowledgment of receipt within 72 hours, the goods will be deemed to comply with the

order and free from apparent defects.

No return of goods will be accepted if it has not been approved by our

prior share.


6.1. All items in our catalog are tracked and available from stock in our

warehouses during the year of validity of the catalog. However, stock shortages

and/or unforeseen deletions of articles may occur and Cophil cannot be held responsible in any way. Our delivery/service times are specified for purely indicative purposes only. Any delays cannot justify the cancellation of the order or the refusal of the goods and cannot lead to a claim for damages.

6.2. Backorders will be systematically maintained for a period of

period of 3 months maximum (unless otherwise ordered by the customer) and sent free of charge

port (except Corsica and DOM TOM). The dates of availability of these remaining items are provided for information purposes only and may be subject to change without notice from us.

The balances correspond to the completion of orders not processed due to

unavailability of the product.

Once the products are available again, the order is processed as a backorder.


By way of derogation from the warranty conditions for goods as defined by the

Civil Code for hidden defects, the guarantee of conformity, we guarantee

the absence of material or manufacturing defects recognized after examination by our services

techniques under the following conditions:

– Under the guarantee of hidden defects 6 months from delivery of the goods.

– Concerning the guarantee of conformity: 72 hours after receipt of the goods.

To implement the guarantee, the customer will address the penalty of foreclosure, within the deadline

warranty no later than 30 days after the discovery of the hidden defect a letter

registered with acknowledgment of receipt transmitting proof of defects

observed, supporting evidence. In the event that Cophil’s liability is

recognized, compensation by Cophil for the damage will be limited to the replacement of the

damaged goods excluding labor costs, or any other

Shame. Defects and deterioration caused by wear are excluded from the warranty.

normal, by intervention on the goods, by negligence or poor

storage of goods.


8.1. Return for defect

In the event of receipt of defective goods, the customer must make a

complaint, within 3 months from the date of receipt, either by

the “contact us” form made available on the site www.artiligne-dance.pro, or directly to the sales department.

The customer will receive written confirmation of return authorization from management

commercial, after analysis of its request.

For any return granted: a mandatory mention of the invoice concerned must

be included on the return request and the return slip must be stuck on the package

returned to our warehouses at Cophil’s expense.

Any transformed, embroidered or screen-printed item will not be returned or exchanged.

8.2. Return following customer order error

No return of merchandise will be accepted beyond a period of 1 month after the date of

receipt, unless otherwise authorized by our sales department. For any return granted: a mandatory mention of the invoice concerned must be included on the return request and the package will be returned to our warehouses at the buyer’s expense, to the following address:

COPHIL INTERNATIONAL 18 rue de Boissy in SUCY-EN-BRIE (94370)

Any transformed, embroidered or screen-printed item will not be returned or exchanged.

Returned items must be in their original packaging.

The refund will only be effective upon receipt of the returned item, provided that it is in its original new condition and unworn.


In accordance with Law No. 80335 of May 12, 1980, the transfer of ownership does not take place

only after full payment of the price of the goods sold, even after deposit of

balance sheet. The customer nevertheless assumes the risks as soon as they are made available.

In the event of non-payment on the due date, Cophil reserves the right to take back the

goods delivered.

The right of recovery may be exercised without distinction up to the remaining amount.

unpaid on all goods sold by us and still in the possession of the buyer.


10.1. Our invoices are payable on the due date indicated therein. Only the collection

effective drafts or LCR will be considered as being worth full payment within the meaning of the

these general conditions of sale.

10.2. Payment of invoices can be done:

By credit card or bank transfer upon ordering.

By LCR at 30 days net subject to acceptance by our credit insurance.

10.3. No discount for early payment or cash payment is granted.

10.4. In the absence of specific provisions, invoices are payable when the order is taken.

For customers benefiting from specific payment conditions, Cophil reserves the right to cancel them if objective circumstances indicate a deterioration in the customer’s financial situation.


Any amount not paid by the due date will result in the customer paying penalties.

set at three times the legal interest rate. These penalties are automatically payable.

In accordance with articles 441-6 c. com. and D. 441-5 c. com., any late payment

automatically entails, in addition to late payment penalties, an obligation for the debtor to

pay a fixed compensation of €40 for recovery costs.

Additional compensation may be claimed, upon receipt of supporting documents, when the costs

recovery costs incurred are greater than the amount of the lump sum compensation.

All sales concluded with the customer will be automatically terminated 24 hours later

receipt of a registered letter affirming Cophil’s intention to terminate them. THE

partial payments made prior to this termination we will remain acquired.


You can track your orders and shipments, view our catalog,

consult stock availability and order directly on www.artiligne-dance.pro at

using your identifiers: your email address and your password. This password

can be modified by you in the “My account” section of the website www.artiligne-dance.pro


Upon the occurrence of one of the elements indicated below or any other force

major, we reserve the right to suspend the execution of orders in

in whole or in part until the said event has ceased to produce its effects or

cancel orders not yet delivered, without damages.

– Strikes in all its forms affecting ourselves or our suppliers.

– Fire, flood, lightning effect, attack, terrorist act, war, epidemic, riot,

popular movement.

– Stoppage or reduction of our supplies of energy or raw materials.


Any use of images not currently present in our photo library

could be considered unlawful and could give rise to prosecution

legal action on the part of the rights holders concerned. The use of images is

carried out under the sole responsibility of the User. In any case, Cophil does not

cannot be held responsible in the event of a breach by the User.

The use of images must be done in compliance with the General Conditions of Use

from the Cophil Photo Library. Please send your request to

following: contact@artiligne-dance.com


These general conditions are subject to French law.

In the event of disputes, for all disputes, only the courts of our head office

will be competent and will rule under French law regardless of the place of delivery.

even in the event of multiple defendants, warranty claims or summary proceedings.

The parties will endeavor to find an amicable solution before any trial.


The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you about the

commitments and practical measures taken by Cophil in order to ensure in all circumstances the

respect for your personal data.

Cophil undertakes to carry out any processing of personal data in accordance with the provisions of Regulation No. 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter GDPR) as well as those of the Law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 as amended and/or any other applicable national legislation.

Categories of data collected: As part of its activities, COPHIL may be

required to process the following categories of data: name, first name, postal address

professional, professional email address, telephone number, bank details.

Purposes: COPHIL may process your personal data

concerning in the context of the following processing: customer relationship management and

suppliers, processing and monitoring of your orders, monitoring of your deliveries, actions of

loyalty and commercial prospecting.

Retention period: Your data is only kept for the duration

necessary to achieve the purposes mentioned above, taking into account, in particular

applicable legal limitation periods.

Legal basis for the processing carried out by Cophil: Cophil is entitled to process your

personal data in accordance with the following legal bases:

– The processing is necessary for the execution of a contract (sale or supply) or

to take pre-contractual measures at the request of the data subject.

– We have a legitimate interest to carry out the processing.

– Processing is necessary to meet our legal compliance obligations. That

includes, for example, maintaining appropriate accounting records.

Recipients: Cophil undertakes not to communicate personal data

concerning you only when it proves to be strictly necessary for the perfect

fulfillment of its obligations.

Personal data concerning you may thus be communicated

to Cophil subcontractors or public organizations.

Your rights: In application of the applicable regulations, you have a right

access, rectification, erasure, limitation of processing, portability

in relation to all the data concerning you which is carried out with the Delegate

for data protection by email to the following address

contact@artiligne-dance.com or by post to the following address, COPHIL INTERNATIONAL 18 rue de Boissy, SUCY-EN-BRIE (94370), accompanied by a copy of a signed identity document.

In the event of a problem that we cannot resolve together, you can introduce

a complaint relating to the processing of personal data to any

competent data protection authority.

Security of your data: Cophil ensures the security of your personal data

personnel by implementing data protection reinforced by the use

physical and logical security means, either directly or through